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Empowering Talent Agents: Narrativ's Commitment to Talent Brand Safety

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Empowering Talent Agents: Narrativ's Commitment to Talent Brand Safety



January 09, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising and AI likeness, talent agents play a crucial role in safeguarding the brand image and interests of the artists and talent they represent. At Narrativ, we place control of AI likeness firmly back into the hands of talent caretakers - their agents. Here's how we do it:

1. Onboarding for Enhanced Control

Narrativ's journey begins with a robust onboarding process, during which talent and their agents are required to add critical brand safety information:

A) Exclusive Advertiser Relationships

We understand that many artists and talent have established exclusive relationships with specific advertisers. These relationships are valued and carefully nurtured. By disclosing these arrangements during onboarding, we ensure that any potential conflicts of interest are recognized and respected.

B) Ad Category Preferences

Talent may have personal values and principles that guide their choices about the type of advertisements they're comfortable having their likeness work with. Narrativ's onboarding process allows talent to specify ad categories they may not wish to endorse, such as political ads, gambling ads, or other sensitive issues. This information is vital to ensure that talent AI likeness is used in ways that align with their values.

2. Talent Representation Review

Narrativ's commitment to talent brand safety extends to every step of the advertising process. After an ad is generated by an advertiser using an artist's AI likeness, it doesn't go live immediately. Instead, it is sent to the talent's representation for review. This step allows agents and talent to maintain a vigilant watch over their brand image and make informed decisions.

Approval Process

When talent or their agent reviews an ad, they have the power to approve or reject it. This process ensures that talent retains complete control over how their AI likeness is used. Only when the talent or agent approves the ad does it go live.

Negotiation and Modification

Narrativ goes a step further by allowing agents to negotiate on behalf of talent if they have concerns or wish to modify elements of an advertisement. This ensures that talent's interests are always upheld, and the final output aligns with their vision.

In summary, Narrativ's approach to talent brand safety is about empowerment. We empower talent and their agents to make informed choices about the brands they work with and the types of advertisements they endorse. We put control back where it belongs - in the hands of those who know their clients' best, ensuring that artists and talent can thrive in the world of AI likeness while safeguarding their brand and reputation. Narrativ isn't just a marketplace; it's a platform built on trust, transparency, and the unwavering commitment to protect the interests of the talent and their caretakers, the agents.