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Narrativ: A Marketplace for Advertisers to Buy Talent Likeness

A marketplace for talent to sell, manage, and protect their likeness while giving advertisers the ability to easily purchase that likeness for ad creation.

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For Talent and Agents

Narrativ allows Talent to take control of their AI likeness and passively generate income. Talent controls everything, from ad price, to which advertisers they want to work with, to line-item approval over specific ad copy. Don't feel like managing ad requests yourself? No problem. Add your agent to the platform and let them approve advertisements and manage brand relationships on your behalf!

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For Advertisers

Narrativ benefits advertisers in two core ways. First, we allow for brands to pick the talent they want to work with directly and generate ads within minutes. Second, because Narrativ generates audio and video ads from text, advertisers can generate ad reads ad infinitum; all you have to do is edit the text of your ad and hit a single button to get a fresh take. As a result, Narrativ allows advertisers to experiment with audio and video ad copy and determine what message has the highest ROI for a particular audience.

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